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Articles Responding to Book

Joining A Board: The Porcupine Approach
Paul Martin Wolff
The Corporate Counselor, November (2005)

Executive Compensation: Who Decides?
Stephen M. Bainbridge
83 Texas Law Review
1616-1662 (2005)

The Academic Tournament over Executive Compensation
William W. Bratton

California Law Review 1-25 (2005)

Is U.S. CEO Compensation Inefficient Pay Without Performance?
John E. Core, Wayne R. Guay, and Randall S. Thomas

103 Michigan Law Review 1142-1185 (2005)

Executive Compensation: What’s the Problem, What’s the Remedy? The Case for “Compensation Discussion and Analysis”
Jeffrey N. Gordon

Forthcoming, Journal of Corporation Law (2005)

Positive Corporate Governance and its Implications for Executive Compensation
James McConvill
6 German Law Journal 1778-1804 (2005

The False Promise of Pay for Performance: Embracing a Positive Model of the Company Executive
by James McConvill

ublished by Sandstone Academic Press, 2005

Executive Compensation in Contemporary Corporate Governance: Why Pay for Performance is a Flawed Methodology
James McConvill

The Pay for Performance Dillema
Geofrey P. Stapledon