Authors' other work on executive pay and corporate governance
Op-Ed Pieces

"Inside Jobs," Wall Street Journal

"'Lucky' Grants Point to a Deeper Governance Malaise," Financial Times

"The Compensation Game," Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

"Investors Must Have Power, Not Just Figures on Pay," Financial Times

"The SEC: Beyond Disclosure," Forbes

"How Much Does the Boss Make?" Wall Street Journal

"The Disney Verdict and the Protection of Investors," Financial Times

"What Corporate-Governance Reforms are Still Necessary?" Optimize Magazine

"What's $13 Million Among Friends?" New York Times

"Making Directors Accountable," Harvard Magazine

"Improving Executive Compensation," TIAA-CREF Investment Forum

"Why Shareholders Must Have More Power," Financial Times

"Not-So-Fierce Rivalry," Daily Deal

Studies on Executive Compensation

Lucky Directors

Lucky CEOs

Pay without Performance: Overview of the Issues

Firm Expansion and CEO Pay

Executive Pensions

Executive Compensation at Fannie Mae: A Case Study of Perverse Incentives, Nonperformance Pay, and Camouflage

The Growth of U.S. Executive Pay

Stealth Compensation via Retirement Benefits

Executive Compensation as an Agency Problem

Managerial Power and the Design of Executive Compensation

Studies on Corporate Governance

The Myth of the Shareholder Franchise

Federal Corporate Law: Lessons From History

What Matters in Corporate Governance?

The Case for Increasing Shareholder Power

The Costs of Entrenched Boards

The Case for Shareholder Access to the Ballot

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